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The two games below are related to strategic thinking, which means that you don't play for immediate results, instead you should think ahead of time to plan for a chain of movements before doing anything. How to play the first game:

  1. Wait for the game to load.
  2. Press Start from the main menu, and again inside the game.
  3. You will be in control of a ball, by moving your keyboard arrows up/down, left/right.
  4. The ball can only push boxes, and cannot pull them.
  5. The objective is to move it to the end target (which looks like a hole filled with water), once you go inside that hole, you will be transported to the next level, with the help of your creativity you can find a way to pass the level you're playing, remember that the silver ball can only push boxes and not pull them, there are 25 levels in the SilverSphere game can you pass them all? Good luck in improving your brain strategy skills.
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The second game might look simpler, the objective is to move the green frogs to the right side and the brown frogs to the left side. A frog can only jump one frog at a time, a frog cannot jump two or three. To start playing click on the frog you want to move (if there is no frog in front of it), once you click on it the frog will jump one step ahead. If you get stuck and you cannot move any more frogs you can click on "Reiniciar" to start over again.

Strategy games are based on the art of planning a campaign within a game. The term strategy is usually used in a military context, but it has been adopted in sport to describe the overall game plan of coaches and managers. So in brief a strategy is a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal, as differentiated from tactics or immediate actions with resources at hand. Some strategy games help in developing the long term thinking because they make you think many steps ahead, chess is one of the most famous strategy board games.

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