Strategy Games

Strategy games involve strategic thinking, the act of thinking ahead to plan a chain of moves in advance depending on how your opponent responds. Unlike many brain games that involve quick reflex action and memory strategy games force you to pause and give thought to your moves before you make them since each move will have consequences on the future play of the game.

One of the better known strategy games is chess where players have to think at least three moves in advance to outwit their opponent. Strategy games are an advanced form of brain games and use all of your brain’s abilities including memory, thinking, strategizing and logic.

Strategy games are based on the art of planning a campaign within a game. In such cases strategy becomes a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. Because of this you may make several short term moves that don’t immediately make sense but when viewed in the grand scheme of the game shows the strategy behind your thinking. Strategy games have long been an exercise for the military since so much of warfare is based on long term planning and outmaneuvering an opponent.

Sports also involve strategy games and many coaches will draw up what is known as a “game plan” or strategy for outsmarting the opponent. A well thought out plan will take into consideration all the counter-moves an opponent may try to swing the momentum back in his favor. Many coaches and military officers will implore their players or troops to “think like your enemy does” in order to strategize better. As the great Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu once said “every battle is won before it is ever fought” which is basically saying the man who prepares and strategizes in advance better will always win on the battlefield.

Strategy games are designed to make the players think in advance, to use logic in determining what their opponent will most likely do and to plan for several scenarios that could unfold and have an answer for each move your opponent makes. There are strategy games that will encourage you to be aggressive and games that will reward more cautious and defensive thinking but both will have you planning your moves well in advance to prepare for your opponents move and your counter-attacks.

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