Games to Improve Memory

Whether its age, stress or information overload everyone will experience memory loss at some point in their lives. There are certainly debilitating conditions including diseases and trauma that can permanently effect memory and cognition but for the most part a healthy human brain can improve the ability to remember through simple games and brain training techniques.

Many people are under the impression that "smart" people or those with high aptitudes for intelligence are simply born that way. While it is true that unique brains can be formed through genetics it isn't a rule and almost anyone can improve their memory and brain capabilities through riddles, puzzles and IQ tests that are easy to play and with dedication can make your brain an efficient machine for processing and retaining data.

Memory can be a tricky phenomenon. Much like the cliché it's often something we don't miss until it is gone. But then a face pops up from the past or a song is overheard and suddenly our minds are recalling things and events from years past that we thought we had forgotten. What makes memory work is still being studied but there is no doubt that with training and brain exercises memory can be improved. Even spending as little as 10 minutes a day playing trivia games or solving riddles and puzzles that focus on memory retention can help improve your memory by a significant amount.

While memory can be a friend in times of need it can also cause frustration and feelings of stupidity when it fails us. Not remembering directions to a place you've been a hundred times or forgetting the password to an online bank account can cause panic and stress believing we've somehow forgotten something and will never get it back. These are natural feelings and it happens even to very smart people. Our minds are firing millions of signals and neurons every second and it's not too hard for wires to get crossed and for "blips" to occur on our brain wave activity. We like to think we have full control over our body and mind but the fact is we use less than 10% of our brain and to think we can control anything with such a low percentage of use is silly.

Still, even with that very small 10% the human brain is capable of some amazing feats and memory is one them. However, simply waiting for memory to improve won't make it happen. Like muscles in the body our brains have to be trained on a regular basis to perform at optimum levels. Playing simple card match games that force the brain to remember where a similar card is on a playing board can do a lot to improve both short and long term memory. These simple brain exercise games force the player to focus and pay attention on the task at hand that in turn strengthens the cognitive ability of the brain. Often lack of memory comes from lack of focus, our minds tend to wander and with it go a lot of stored up data that can "hide" from our consciousness. Playing regular brain training memory games is a simple way to force the mind to remember which in time will lead to improved memory and a healthier mind.

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