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The human brain can be stimulated in many different ways. However, just because the mind is stirred up doesn’t mean it is benefitting from the energy. There are many activities that can stimulate the brain, including television, video games and other visual stimuli that are referred to as passive stimulation because it doesn’t require any thinking on your part to watch TV.

Even though recent studies indicate nearly 55% of adults recognize the need for active brain exercising and training very few actually do something about it. And those that do are simply letting television do the thinking for them. Your brain is like any other body part, it needs exercise and training to perform at peak performance.

Brain training isn’t hard. In fact the simple games that you can play to train your brain, hone your thinking and memory skills and sharpen your mind’s reflexes are easy and fun to play. Even simple games such as crossword puzzles, checkers and card memory games can greatly improve your short and long term memory, cognitive ability and focus. The more you practice with such brain training games the better your mind will function when under stress or at work.

Many medical experts advise keeping the brain well trained to ensure a healthy lifestyle and also to prevent the brain from deteriorating over time. Old age will cause some degree of memory loss in just about everyone but the degree to which your memory fades can be moderated by how well you keep your brain fresh and active. Focusing on memory and concentration is a great way to keep the brain alert and able to problem solve without forgetting.

Brain training not only strengthens skills you already have but can lead to unlocking dormant areas of your brain that you never even tapped into before. Research suggests the average person has 100 billion neurons by the age of 18 and that we also start to lose those neurons at a rate of close to 50,000 a day as we grow older.

However, by training the brain with a variety of challenging brain games you can slow down this gradual loss and even open areas of your mind that you didn’t even know you had. Some studies suggest that humans actually use only 10% of their brain’s capabilities so imagine what else lies underneath our memory and idle thoughts? By reading, playing memory match card games and problem solving optical illusions you can take steps to improving your brain’s capabilities and also lessen the effects of memory loss due to aging.

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